Lifestyle Newborn Vs Studio Newborn Sessions

Jan 9, 2021 | Newborn

Today I am going to go over one of the biggest questions I get asked by parents when they begin looking to book their newborn sessions. “What is the difference between lifestyle and studio style newborn sessions?” While both will leave you with beautiful heirlooms of your newest family member there are some key difference between the two.

Before I dive too deep I do want to add all of my newborn sessions, lifestyle & studio, take place in my clients home. I bring everything needed for the sessions. All you need is to wake up get dressed and wait for my arrival the day of. I also provide styling guides to make that even easier for you! – Yay!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Studio Newborn

Studio newborn photography is what most people picture when they think of newborn photography. You know, those sweet sleepy babies in buckets, naked and posed perfectly on a backdrop, or wrapped up snug and tight. These sessions are longer, up to four hours, because I spend a lot of this time keeping baby comfy and sleepy while posing them. I focus on baby and the little details. A questionnaire is sent out prior to sessions so I know what color and themes are best to plan for. Because of the specific posing involved in these sessions it is best to shoot while baby is less than two weeks old.

Lifestyle Newborn

Lifestyle sessions are more candid in style and focus on the connections being made with less emphasis on posing. I focus on capturing you in real life events; storytelling if you will. I’ll document what life was like in those first few days. From the way the nursery looks, to those sleepy daytime snuggles. Solo pictures of baby will be included. These sessions can be planned while your newborn is outside of the two week window so there is a bit more flexibility in scheduling.